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Anna Dominguez (Queen of Tape) is a Chicago native who creates pictures with only adhesive tapes.  She graduated from Dominican University with a degree in Studio Art and Education.  Restless to find a different medium to work with besides paints,pencils,clay, etc, she discovered tape.  Anna has been doing her "Tapings" now for over five years.  Since then she has grown in skill and recognition.  Dominguez has been commissioned by various olympic and professional athletes, Chicago businesses, celebrities, and ,TV personalities. She is also sponsored by The Duck Brand tape company who she has been collaborating with now for the last three years. Anna has been featured on channel ABC7,Fox32,PBS, WCIU, FOX SOCCER, WINDY CITY LIVE, and ,WYCC.  Queen of Tape makes her art believing it makes people happy, the most important thing in the world to her.